I am a photographer and multimedia artist with over 14 years of experience working in film and television.  I love to photograph the world, people, places, and the wildlife that inhabits it. I have traveled across the United States of America and visited 25 of the 58 national parks, but I hope to someday visit them all. I try to challenge myself by finding the places and moments that are sometimes overlooked or forgotten, which leads me to some interesting discoveries.



When I am not out photographing, I work as an editor and camera operator, helping to piece together stories of people who face a struggle or challenge in their own lives. Working with new technology like VR, or using older methods like film, helps me to find the right tools to bring narratives and true stories to audiences across the world. I am always trying to create and speak through different artistic mediums, so I experiment with music and video game development.


One of my biggest concerns is the planet, and taking care of those around us. Whenever I am out working, I try to leave the place better than I found it. That means picking up trash, helping those in need, or bringing awareness to problems I alone cannot solve. Together we can all help to make this place better for us, as well as future generations.



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- Coming 2022 -



by Ethan Quin


Comprising music from 2009-2021, including new piano works and ambient electronic landscapes mixed with the sounds from his travels.


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